Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New years resolution

Hoping to be a blogger again and journal some need things for my family.  This is a practice post. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Wishin' for some pictures to post on this blog so you all can see my cute kids camping, playing, working, catching racoons, playing with geese, jumping in water, and celebrating family stuff. Lots is going on in our life...Wishin' for the internet to share it all with you. Library's are wonderful so I can quickly post.

Hope this summer is as busy as ever for you! LOTS of LOVE!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Life

Where does time fly??? Expecially when you loose access to a computer? It's been fun living in our new house. The kids really enjoy the freedom to ride their bikes to and from school. They like their teachers and have made some new friends. I think Hunter likes playing T-ball...he was able to sign up just in time. He is handsome in his uniform. (I thought he wouldn't wear it for a little bit...but now he likes it)

Autumn is having fun with her animals. She has rabbits, chickens, a horse, and baby chicks. If you ask me it's too much because my kids are little animals still.

Happy Mother's Day to all those who are mother's and even those who are not mother's. My kids were sure nice they gave me gifts from school spelled happy mouthers day-i love you allwaze. Too CUTE! Then Sat. we went to topaz mountain and found some crystal's and Dillon gave me those. The best was we were on the drive there and we saw some cattle being driven by some horses and Jared said, "look they are driving those cows" Dillon asked, "How do you drive a cow?" Silly stuff like that is what I would miss out on if I wasn't their mom.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun with Parker

The last 2 years Parker invited us to his Hope Kid event at Hollywood Connections. The kids wouldn't let me miss it. It's like a mini Lagoon all indoors. Autumn's favorite was the Carousel. Hunter's was the Mini golf. I think he played 5 games and Dillon loved the Dragon Roller Coaster. He went on it 20 times. CRAZY! It was way fun to be there with Sheila, Jordan, Lexie, Parker, Raychel, Shayden, Gavon, and Ashlin, and Alisa. Fun Family Time!!!

Thanks Parker!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Work, Work, WORK

Hunter likes our new carpet. It looks like to me that he is scooting in circles on the rug.
And Autumn say's that he looks like a carpet beetle because of all that black :)

This is the kitchen. We are still putting in the floor.

Dillon is being so silly. This is his "coon" hat headband piece of carpet. (Autumn)

This was the room...over 2000 holes to cover and a lovely shade of Christmas red.

Autumn came in marching saying "Indiana, Indiana" and wouldn't stop saying it. She is playing a game and wouldn't stop for my picture. (I just think that she is jumping for joy that we are done and can start moving. ;)

Ta-Da! the finished product.

Jared, the kids, and I have been working on our new house. It is lots of work to paint a house! I have to give Grandma's and Grandpa's lots of credit, too! They have been good cheerleader's/worker's to keep us motivated!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So much fun letting my kids help me with the dishes. Somehow they end up cleaning themselves instead of the dishes.

Monday, February 28, 2011

What makes life busy?

Maybe it's my hobby...quilting has been so much fun for me lately. It helps me relax and and think. We have to keep these cute new babies warm. Raychel had Ashlin and Trisa, Lisa, and Sheila are all having girls. Keeping the dishes done is another story.

Or maybe it's this....

Let me tell ya...what a challenge it is to paint a house. I covered pink, and stripes and took out shelves, repaired big holes (well I didn't do this part Jared and my dad and Jared's dad worked on them-BIG holes.) and I still have the challenge to cover deep Oil base RED. What was this family thinking?

It will look great when we are done!

It could be Autumn that keeps my life busy. She is actually a real helper. I sure love her!

Maybe it is Hunter. Well, let's just say Hunter is always keeping me busy and on my toes. He throws that cute smile at me and I can't help but love this kid, too! Even at his worst.

Exactally! What makes life busy for you may be something different than what makes me busy. Dillon just has me worried. We went to dinner and he told the waitress he loved her and wants her to be his girlfriend. He certainly isn't shy about how he feels. Chelsea told him to keep coming back to see her and that's all I've heard about all day.
How can anyone resist such a cutie!!